Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ramblings and Ponderings

Still debating over new house.  We put a bid in on THE HOUSE and we're the back up offer, which means THE HOUSE belong to THE OTHER PEOPLE.  Still contemplating building but the build would be only a temporary house as that is not our ideal location.  I'm kinda thinking we should buy an ugly house in the ideal area and move to a better house in the ideal area later if we want.  That way our kids don't have to change schools.
I had mexican for lunch on an already upset stomach.  Not ideal but I wanted to have lunch with Mr. Crooked Toes and he had to have a quick lunch next door to the office.  So, emergency poop (term coined by sister) will continue.
Baby Toes is sleeping, you would think he was an angel. 
I've been noticing that I talk about my experience losing my father with others a lot lately.  Not specifically about the ordeal but how it affects me.  Like someone will be all "lately I've been realizing that I blah blah blah" or "I used to feel blah blah when blah happened" and then I am all, "yeah since my dad died I have realized that blahblahdeblahblah about myself too.  I'm sure they are all sick of hearing me say, "since my dad died..."  
Is that bad?
Do you think people are getting sick of it?
Does it matter?