Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liver and Manna

Today I found out that I failed my blood glucose test (for gestational diabetes.) I go back tomorrow for a more in depth test. This in not a huge deal, just a pain. I've bigger fish to fry than diabetes, but any prayer sent up about that would be appreciated.

We also saw the high-risk OB today. Keatley is growing well, she is in the 56th percentile and all of her measurements look good. Her heart is still pushed to the side but looks to be developed appropriately and functioning properly. The doctor said he could see liver below the diaphragm and what looks like liver in her chest cavity as well. The blood flow to the "mass" in her chest looks like liver and he said that his best guess is a diaphragmatic hernia, which is what he thought before. He said he would be able to give us a definite diagnosis after the MRI on May 21st (it'll be a few days after that when we get the results.) Everything else seemed to be in the right place and he was able to see lung tissue which I was thrilled about because lung development is a big deal in babies with diaphragmatic hernias. Please pray with us that God will heal her body and that her lungs would develop well.

As a side note, my husband and I were going to be (more than) strapped for cash until his next paycheck. We received a surprise rebate check in the mail today from our 2007 taxes. Not a lot of money but the perfect amount to get us through until the next paycheck. Manna from heaven. This may not amaze some people but I know that this truly is manna from Jehovah-Jirah. I am amazed by Him. He is so good.

Liver and Manna... Is that an inappropriate joke? I just keep imagining Hannibal Lector and thinking of fava beans, yuck.