Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mental Notes for Christmas Decorating

don't put batteries in all of the animated christmas toys...too much noise

don't reveal to 2-year-old that candy canes are candy until it's time to take the tree down

don't reveal to 2-year-old that the foot pedal on the cord coming from the tree turns the lights on and off

stuffed Mr. Hankey Poo figure is a valid potty training tool *

*Yes, I know South Park is evil, I haven't watched it in years. My son is excited about Xmas now that we have the decorations out. If poo with a xmas hat is going to make him excited about learning to use to potty, so be it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Actually, it is pretty easy...

So I've decided to go green...not that I wasn't greenish before... I guess technically, I'm going greener.

Anyway, a friend introduced to me a great line of environmentally friendly products, which are safer for the earth and my family. So, I'm getting rid of all of these cleaners seen below. I have inherited or been given an ungodly amount of cleaning products so there is plenty to go around. Some of the bottles have never been used. This deep cabinet is full, all the way back!

I'm also getting rid of these baby products, same reason as above.

If you're a local reader and are interested in getting any of this FREE stuff, email me ( or call me.

BTW, so far I've been thrilled with the new products I've been using. If you want to hear more about them you can contact me about that too. I'm not selling them but I have a friend who is.