Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kitchen Misadventures

If you look closely you can see his toes are not touching the step.

This is why my kitchen is never clean.

Yes, the house thing again

I've been wondering for a long time if my husband and I are being disciplined for not spending our money wisely. We should have waited until our other house sold first before buying this one. There have been a lot of good things about living in this house and I love it, but it wasn't smart to buy a house before the other one sold. We made a bet that our other house would sell quickly and the house won. (clever pun if I do say so myself) Anyway, I feel like God is teaching us about money and making wise decisions and we are learning the hard way. We thought we were wise with money. Wrong.
So, I vow that I will no longer complain about having two houses. Don't get me wrong it will still be a burden. But now it is a valuable learning experience from a loving Father not just an extra house payment a month.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Having two houses SUCKS! It sucks in a way that you can't imagine unless you have experienced it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

this post is brought to you by Disney

I finally got internet back and there is a lot to talk about. I think I will space it out. Sometimes when I read other blogs, I will see a really long post and just pass it by.

I guess the thing in the front of my mind right now is that today is the anniversary of my dad's death. Strangely the idea of this has not followed me around like that gray cloud that follows Eyeore. It has just been kind of matter of fact. Don't get me wrong, I am sad. I miss my dad. Maybe this is normal, maybe it's 'cause I'm sick (not really sick just flu shot ickies) and don't have the energy to think of anything other than taking care of my son and keeping the house clean enough that you don't have to wade through crap to get to the next room.

On a lighter note Halloween was fun. My son was Handy Manny. The costume was not elaborate, but he loves Handy Manny and he was cute. He also loves chocolate. I can't imagine where he got that from :)