Monday, March 7, 2011


If you have never opened up the drain of your dishwasher to clean, you must do it. It is life changing. Remember I have two small children. I clean up boogers and poop all day. I catch vomit in my hands regularly. The stuff inside the drain of my dishwasher was by far the the grossest thing I've ever seen or touched.
I have a newer dishwasher so I didn't have to unscrew anything. The plastic pieces just popped apart.

Ugh the things I saw cannot be unseen.

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tiffany poling said...

You mean you didn't post a pic! I want my money back!!

I'd say that funk consists primarily of mushy bread and loogies.

The "WORD VERIFICATION" word tonight is "mocomomm".....

Going to bed now after a long night of trolling my friend's blogs.